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East Renfrewshire Council – Local Development Plan (LDP2)

East Renfrewshire Council have issued details of their updated Local Development Plan (LDP2), and have opened a consultation period on the plan, which ends on 13th December. The plan contains information on the Council’s intentions regarding remediating/ developing Braidbar Quarry/Huntly Park.

LDP2 can be viewed athttps://www.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk/ldp2 .

Details of how to submit any comments/objections can also be accessed from this page.

Page 44 of the LDP2 document sets out the council’s intentions regarding the Quarry/Huntly park area. The whole area is classified under code M4, which means it can be considered longer term as an area for a major housing development (up to 400 houses). It is also classified under code D5 as an area of urban greenspace, and D7.3 as an area of bio-diversity and nature conservation.

Giffnock Community Council and the Friends of Huntly Park are aware from a survey conducted earlier this year that there is strong local opposition to developing the Braidbar Quarry/Huntly Park as a housing estate. Out of 654 responses, 573 objected to any housing development, while only 55 favoured a limited development and only 20 supported a major development.

If you agree with this view, we would ask you to make individual submissions to the Council, stating your opposition to code M4 in favour of code D5. In order to keep up the pressure on the Council it is vital that as many residents as possible submit personal objections to the plan. The Council count standard letters as a single submission. For that reason we are not producing such a letter. Instead we are producing a list of issues that you may wish to consider when making any comments (these are included overleaf).

This consultation is a very important opportunity to let the Council know your feelings about the development of the Quarry/Huntly Park. The more people that submit  comments/objections, the more the Council is likely to listen.


Jack Powell


Giffnock Community Council


LDP2 – Issues to be considered in making comments/objections

Basic questions to be considered:-

The strategy of the Council, as outlined in LDP2, is the remediation and possible future development of Braidbar Quarry/Huntly Park (Policy M4, Braidbar Quarry, Giffnock)

  • Do you agree with the remediation (i.e. making safe) of the Quarry and Huntly Park?
  • Do you agree with a major housing development after the remediation?

 Specific issues to consider in making comments/objections

  • Should the site be remediated, but then developed as a community recreation area, not as a housing development? (This would mean objecting to code M4 in favour of Code D5)
  • What effect would extensive development have on the surrounding green space and wider green network? (The site is listed under code D7.3 – bio-diversity and nature conservation. A housing development would destroy this).
  • Would development of the quarry lead to additional applications to build on the surrounding green space (e.g. Huntly Park)? (It appears that the whole site is listed under code M4).
  • Is there actually a need to build 300-400 houses on this specific site? (The Council have admitted that the Quarry area is not required in order to fulfil their need for building new homes over the next 10 years.)
  • Is there sufficient infrastructure to support a major development on this site (e.g. schools, access roads, medical facilities, community facilities)?
  • Would development impact on the quality of life of the surrounding area, due to noise and building works (possibly for up to 10 years)?
  • Would development cause traffic issues (congestion, pollution etc.) affecting the amenity of the whole Giffnock area?
  • In 2011, a Scottish Government Reporter’s Report rejected a remediation/ development of the quarry area on the grounds that the probable serious effects of the development would greatly outweigh the potential benefits. Why has the Council brought back similar proposals under the M4 Master Plan?


Address for posting submissions

 Strategy team
Council Offices
2 Spiersbridge Way
Spiersbridge Business Park
G46 8NG

The deadline for submissions is 13th December